Sunrise Tour of the Victoria Falls

victoria falls at sunrise

From the many years we have guided scenic and photographic Sunrise Tour of the Victoria Falls we have learnt one thing: The most important factor to maximize on your experience is always picking the best time of the day to visit Victoria Falls. In our opinion the best and most quiet and peaceful time to visit the Victoria Falls Rainforest is before sunrise.

No doubt Victoria Falls is one of the best Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Sunrise and sunset always present unmatched opportunities and time to photograph the falls. Sunrise Tour of the Victoria Falls is definately a must when visiting Victoria Falls.

Sunrise in Victoria Falls just like any part of the world is at different times of the day throughout the year. It is therefore important once you have confirmed your Victoria Falls Tour dates, to check exact sunrise and sunset timings in Victoria Falls during that same period. It is equally important to note that Summer months – September to May – the Victoria Falls Rainforest is open to visitors from 6.00am and in Winter – May and July – it opens from 6.30am. Read more about the Victoria Falls Rainforest opening times and also entry fees HERE.

sunrise over the falls

Once you look at the opening times, make sure you arrive a few minutes early to allow yourself time to go through the Civid-19 screening and then payments. From the gate you will still need to get to the perfect spot before the sun starts rising. Victoria Falls Rainforest Entrance fees for international visitors is US$30.00 per person, SADC visitors is US$20.00 per person and for local Zimbabweans it is US$7.00 per person. Always carry your ID or passport with you as this will be used to determine the park entry fees. Payments at the entrance can either be cash or by credit card.

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