Self Driving from Victoria Falls to Mana Pools

Self Driving from Victoria Falls to Mana Pools

One of the many questions we are asked by clients is on Self Driving from Victoria Falls to Mana Pools without having to use the not so cheap charter flights. There are several air charter companies that we have worked with over the years and we are more than happy to get the best possible rates for air charters. Air Charter Companies have in recent times tried to offer reasonable rates. Contact Us for charter flight rates.

Self Driving from Victoria Falls to Mana Pools is also a frequently asked question we encounter from clients who do Tailor-Made Self-drive tours to Zimbabwe. There is only one road network linking Victoria Falls & Hwange with Kariba Town or Mana Pools, along the southern edge of Lake Kariba.   

Our advice is that this route is definitely for the most adventurous, well experienced and self-sufficient travellers 4×4 drivers ONLY.

Note: there is currently some work being done as the government is putting tarred roads

ROAD CONDITIONS: this is an isolated, long and very slow road making the journey an undesirable one. Most of the road is gravel and usually very poor during and soon after the rainy season. Expect a lot of Potholes and the river crossings can be very challenging and at times (especially during the rainy season) impossible.

We advise 4×4 ONLY even in the dry months of the year. Make sure you have enough stocks of food, water and spare tyres plus all necessary equipment in case you get stuck or breakdowns.  Best is to always make sure you go on this route as a convoy.

FUEL: We always recommend that all self-drive clients refill at the next available fuel station and always drive with a full fuel tank. Fuel along this route is only available in the main centres Vic Falls, Hwange, Mlibizi, Binga, Karoi, Kariba and Chirundu.

DISTANCE:  Victoria Falls – Kariba is roughly 770kms (480 miles); Vic Falls – Mana Pools, is about 800 kms (500 miles). 

Make sure you give yourself time for an overnight stop to break the journey down into two. We recommend FIRST an overnight stop in Binga (lodges, chalets and/or camping available),or Chizarira (remote camping only) before tackling the hard and long journey south of Lake Kariba to the small farming town of Karoi. From there you go onto the main highway and drive north to Chirundu, with turn-offs to Kariba and/or Mana Pools. Attempting to drive in one go will not be possible as the National Park gates open at 6am and close at 6pm.   You will need to spend a SECOND night en route either at Makuti Travel Lodge (chalets), Marongora (camping only) or at Chirundu (various options). 

the self-drive route along the southern shore of Lake Kariba is definitely an adventure for those who are willing and have time and enough resources to take it on.

The best and more convenient way to get across would be to use the KARIBA FERRY which runs from Mlibizi to Kariba. The ferry takes both passengers and vehicles and offered meals and other amenities.

Self Driving from Victoria Falls to Mana Pools

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