For those with an adventurous spirit, Self-Drive Safaris should be right up your sleeve getting you closer to the essence of Africa. Go on the driver’s seat and have the freedom to explore and discover amazing African wonders in your own time. Apart from your pre-arranged accommodation and route you will have no prescribed schedules or time limits. The benefit of a self-drive safari extends into every corner of your trip. Spend as much time as you wish photographing zebra if you feel like it, or take that remote and less travelled road in case it yields exciting wildlife sightings. You are very much in the driver’s seat, with full control as you drive out into the wild.

Self-Drive safaris are also less costly compared to organized Guided Safaris. Nothing beats exploring Africa at your own pace and in your own time. Zimbabwe Safari Company arranges your entire Zimbabwe Self Drive Safari, including car rental, insurance, accommodations and any necessary activity bookings. Our Travel Experts are happy to help with in-depth travel advice and put together tailor-made Self Drive Itineraries that best suit your preferences and budget.

Camping Safari enthusiasts can get 4WD campers that come fully equipped with rooftop and/or ground tent or a pop-top with rooftop sleeping area, fridges, gas stove, cooking equipment and cutlery, bedding, camping tables and chairs.

8 Days - 7 Nights
$ 3,500
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