About Us

Our team is a happy bunch o Africa Safari Experts with common traits that sets us apart from the rest. We’ve travelled, adventured and experienced. We love Zimbabwe, we love Southern Africa and we are well travelled and very good listeners. Our Team is full of down-to-earth safari consultants committed to giving clients unforgettable Africa Safari experiences.

We have loads of memories and personal experiences that we are happy to share with you. We live a piece of hearts in every safari itinerary we put together.  Travel is a lifestyle and one we’ve made our own.

More In About Us

There is more to Jibha Africa Safaris that goes beyond our amazing team of Travel Experts and Guides. Our story gives you an insight into our humble history. Its not all About Us but the communities we operate in and the wildlife experiences we share with you. We have selected some of the Community and Conservation initiatives available around us that you can engage independently or during your safari.

Our guest reviews are every bit as independent as we are and we are happy to know that every review you read about Zimbabwe Safari Company is a genuine response from an actual client of ours. You can also read more reviews on our parent company’s Safari Bookings page. Zimbabwe Safari Company is built on listening to our clients and we have shared not only the positive reviews but also critical ones that guided us in making continual improvements to our services.


Kareemag Daavid Gosetsemang


Harris Kanhukamwe

Safari Guide

Harris Kanhukamwe is as good as they come. A  straight up guy, and it certainly won’t come as a surprise that you have one of  Zimbabwe’s upcoming top guides showing you all that Zimbabwe has …

Patrick Manyika

Patrick Manyika

Founder | Managing Director

Patrick Manyika was Born and bred in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare where he spent much of his childhood and high school, Patrick soon moved to Chinhoyi University where he completed a degree in International …

Fadzai Yolander Manyika

Fadzai Yolander Manyika

Reservations Manager | Travel Expert

Fadzai Yolander Manyika has a fierce love for her family and a great appreciation of her Zimbabwe and Africa at large. Fadzai is as Zimbabwean as the name House of Stone itself. Fond of the …

Innocent Mtero

Innocent Mtero

Web Developer & IT Specialist

Innocent Mtero is our go to person for anything web related. With vast experience in the Tours & Travel Industry Inno (as we affectionately call him) is one of the best in town and a …

brian bandera

Brian Bandera

Professional Guide

Brian Bandera has a smile so wide wide as his knowledge of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. He is one of Zimbabwe’s finest local guides. Brian always makes sure he is the the difference between a …

Newton Mashinge

Professional Guide

Newton M`ashinge has been a safari guide since 1999, which makes him one seriously experienced and erudite guy. His knowledge of the country is as vast as the country itself and with that being said, …

Polite Moyo

Polite Moyo

Professional Guide

In Informatics, dummy data is benign information that does not contain any useful data, but serves to reserve space where real data is nominally present. Dummy data can be used as a placeholder for both …

jasmine nkomo

Jasmine Nkomo

Accounts & Admin

Jasmine Nomo is an indispensable part of the accounts team at Namibia Tours & Safaris. While she doesn’t take life too seriously, she does her job. She runs a tight ship and she does it …