jasmine nkomo

Jasmine Nomo is an indispensable part of the accounts team at Namibia Tours & Safaris. While she doesn’t take life too seriously, she does her job. She runs a tight ship and she does it effortlessly with a smile.

Our charismatic, fun-loving, family-mad HR administrator, Janine is a straight up, organised and no-nonsense kind of gal and the perfect fit for such a demanding role at NTS. We are proud (and lucky) to have her on our team as one half of the pair running the accounts and admin department with apparent ease.

Diligent and determined, Janine went to work straight after school while enrolled in professional receptionist and personal assistant courses. Qualified up to the eyeballs, Janine has worked her way up the ranks in the legal industry, sales, logistics and the hectic consumer goods industry to arrive at our doorstep one fortuitous Swakop morning.