If you are staying in Zambia or Zimbabwe, we always recommend seeing the Victoria Falls from both sides. With the introduction of the KAZA Univisa it has never been easy to visit both sides of the falls. KAZA Univisa is a single visa that covers Zambia, Zimbabwe and daytrips into Chobe National Park (in Botswana).

Zimbabwe has arguably the best view of Victoria Falls. Zambia comes in with great close-ups and some spectacular vantage points. However, Zimbabwe has the greater share of Falls frontage, picturesque views and year-round water flow. About two-thirds of the Victoria Falls frontage is on the Zimbabwean side and most of the Falls plunges down this section with the Main Falls and Devils Cataract being the deepest channels in the Zambezi River.
During the high water season, the Zambian side is truly spectacular as well.

While the best option is viewing both sides of the falls, seeing the falls from the Zimbabwean side guarantees that classic all-year-round view of the Main Falls.

`Best view of Victoria falls
Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe

When you look at all the images of the Victoria Falls you will see, as a rule of thumb, if the water is to the left of the picture and land to the right, you’re looking at Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe

The other advantage of staying on the Zimbabwean side is that many of the hotels on the Zimbabwean side are a short walk from the entrance to the falls giving you much more freedom to explore the area at your leisure and to join activities easily.

Victoria Falls from Zambia

Apart from the entrance fee into the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park being slightly cheaper you also get up close to rushing water, Rainbow Falls and a chance to swim above the falls in Devils Pools giving the Zambian side of Victoria Falls its fair share of amazing experiences.

It’s important to always remember the time of year. During the dry months from about October to December the Zambian side of Victoria Falls will be completely dry while the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls has reduced volumes of water creating a picturesque cascade.


If you are only able to visit one country then we certainly recommend the Zimbabwean side of the Falls. However If you have the time and budget to see Victoria Falls from both sides then you have the most ideal opportunity for a full experience. We believe there is no better clarification on Victoria Falls: Zimbabwe OR Zambia?

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to view the Falls from the air with the amazing, incredible, mind-bogglingly beautiful Flight of Angels.

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