COVID 19 Safely Measures and Protocols

Zimbabwe Safari Company has formulated the below COVID 19 Safely Measures and Protocols with the guidance of the World Travel & Tourism Council, Regional (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana & South Africa) Health authorities and we are ready to welcome you back to Africa as we explore all the hidden gems of this beautiful place we call home. Our main focus has always been personalized and private service where possible and with these new measures we are confident we will continue offering the best possible tours, transfers & safaris throughout the region. We have invested and will continue to commit to giving our staff and guests complete peace of mind, without compromising the quality of the services that we offer. This guide outlines our new COVID 19 Safely Measures and Protocols. For specific country Covid-19 Information click HERE.

  • Our fleet of vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected daily with particular attention applied to high-touch surfaces and high-trafficked areas.
  • All vehicles will be equipped with Alcohol-Based hand sanitizers and wipes.
  • All guests will be given a “covid-19” information pack which will include emergency contact details, testing center information and costs and general covid-19 country information which will be updated regularly.
  • Our team has undergone intensive training on Covid-19 and the appropriate precautions required to mitigate the spread of the virus.
  • Staff will undergo daily temperature checks, with the results recorded and retained on a daily basis before embarking on duties.
  • We recognize that each individual’s efforts will strengthen the preventative measures we have in place
  • All our Drivers, Guides and Travel Consultants are required to wear PPE relevant to their tasks, this may include gloves, face masks etc.
  • As part of our commitment to the environment, we choose to avoid single use items and prefer textile masks.
  • Guest may be required to wear a face covering or masks as guided by the destination country laws and regulations.
  • We may reduce capacity in our vehicles at our discretion to conform to best social distancing practices.
  • We have over the years built our business on being personal and friendly with all our guests HOWEVER our team will avoid personal contact with guests that they host as a health and safety measure. We therefore encourage that there are NO HANDSHAKES between guests and staff.
  • Temperature screening using non-invasive thermometers will be carried out before boarding of vehicles.
  • Protocol dictates that any person with a body temperature over 37, 5°C will not be allowed to enter

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, we commit to keeping abreast of best practices and implementing them across our operations. Your safety is our main priority.

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